Dear Me…

Write a letter to yourself aged sixteen. 

Dear Me,

I’m writing from a few years down the line. I’m here to tell you some things. First, you’re only sixteen.  You’re still young and you don’t have to have everything figured out. On that note, you don’t have to be one track minded. It’s okay to experiment and try some new things. How else will you know if you really like something? You could miss out on discovering some of your passions if you never look beyond the little box you’re in.

Speaking of which, get out of that box. It’s small and confined. That’s no way to live your life. Remember: you’re valuable.You’re worth more than you think. You don’t need to be insecure. Not everyone is judging you. In fact, most likely they have insecurities and issues of their own.

Now, I know you don’t think this is an issue for you right now, but sorry to burst your bubble. Step off your mental throne. You don’t know everything. Be open and willing to learn from others (and about those who are different from you). You may discover some interesting things about yourself along the way.

Don’t be so narrow and focused that you don’t see what’s going around you. Take time to get to know yourself; and I mean to really get to know yourself. I know life is complicated – you’re growing and changing – and it’s scary sometimes. However, I can tell you for certain that you’ll regret not allowing yourself to self reflect or giving yourself some grace.

You may already know this, but your parents don’t know everything. So, stop giving them such an influence over your life. They’re already controlling, you don’t need to give them more power and ammunition.

You’ll be happy to know that things get better for us. You won’t stay where you are now. There will be struggles, but you’ll pull through them. You make good friends that last, and continue to accumulate more over the years. You won’t look back and miss these days you’re currently living. You’ll see that we are in a good place now. Our life is not perfect, don’t misunderstand. However, life gets better the more we live, learn, love, grow, and become independent.

Remember, you are your own person and you have good things to contribute to friendships, and to the world, even if you don’t see how. Just be as true to yourself and be the best version of you that you can.


Sky (from the future – consider it time travel, if you like)

P.S. Get on the fandom bandwagon now!


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