In my handbag

The random subject for today is: “write about what’s in your handbag”. 

I prefer to call it a”shoulder bag”, since it is too big, really, to fit in my hand. My shoulder bag is filled with many things. Before listing all of its contents, I would like to note that it is very colourful and made with different fabrics and textures. My thought process at the time was: “if it has all the colours of the rainbow then it’ll go with anything I wear!” I still like it now, but there are times when I feel like it’s too flashy for me. (Found a picture of the type of bag. See? It’s flashy, right?)

Hand bags-823256_960_720


My family (mostly my brother and dad) have made fun of me in the past for my giant purses. However, moments later I would have the satisfying experience of having things passed to me, to be carried in my bag. So, it’s not that impractical, is it?

I only carry the essentials with me… Naturally, that means I have everything but the kitchen sink and am prepared for nearly any situation I could get myself into. Well, sometimes.

In my handbag, I keep my wallets (one that’s very large and a second one that’s tiny) as well a little change purse. Also, I (probably) have quite a lot of receipts crumpled up and thrown in there – dated anywhere from yesterday to months ago.


I always have my prescription sunglasses on me because my eyes are abnormally large, so I get blinded by the sun very easily. Seriously though, my eyes will start watering at the drop of hat! Well, not a hat… at the drop of the sun’s rays? Doesn’t really have the same effect…


In my handbag, I found a key chain, a few pens, a pad, hand cream, and an empty tic tac bottle. There’s a headband, an inhaler and three New Testaments. Apparently, I also have falling apart bulletins from my bank, a discovery booklet of my town (and its shops, etc.) and a bookmark I picked up from an art display. I have four copies of guitar chords for the song “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE and a poorly drawn map with street names and directions on how to get to a mall. Clearly, all very essential things for my survival. Oh, and I found some painkillers – those are actually useful!


Moral of the story… is there really a moral? Does there need to be one? It would probably be to go through the contents of your handbag/purse more than once a year.

Well, that’s it for now. What things do you keep in your handbag? Are you better at regularly checking what you have in the dark abyss of fabric?



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