First blog post

Hey everyone!

This is my new blog and I’m super excited to get started. After becoming run down (creatively) and juggling too many things on my previous blog, I decided to start fresh and have a narrower focus. So, on here I’m going to focus on writing  (i.e. different exercises, prompts, etc.). I may also use this blog for my photography a little later. Keep in mind things could always change down the road, but that’s what it’s going to be for now.


Anyways, before I start randomly uploading, I thought I’d take this opportunity to allow you to get to know me a little. Let’s dive in! My name’s Skylar. I’m a vegetarian, foodie, and low-key hipster. (Low key because I don’t have all of the stereotypes of a full blown hipster).


I’m into fantasy-fiction stories, action & superhero movies, and anime. Did I mention my love for music? My interests lie in the broad alternative genre, but if I had to narrow it down for you, I’d say electronic and pop rock would be good descriptions. Some of my favourite artists at the moment are: Against the Current, Ruelle and Chvrches (I linked to a song I like by each artist).

Well, today’s post is short & sweet. But don’t worry, you’ll hear more from me soon. Leave a note in the comments and say hello!


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